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Oprah 2020 - Has the left lost their minds?

There is a horrible idea that spreading around town, and it's this Oprah Winfrey running for 2020. Now, don't get me wrong, it would be amazing to have a black woman as president. But this does not excuse the fact that she does not have any experience of being in office. It does not make any sense that liberals complained that a billionaire TV host should not be president and then for liberals to try and nominate a billionaire TV host as president.  The situation would be laughable if it was not so pathetic. So I ask you, has the left lost their mind? Have we lost all morality for the sanctity of the presidency? Can we not agree that the true reason Liberals lost the 2016 election was because the DNC rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders?

If we cannot admit these uncomfortable truths, how can we ever win in 2020? I find it completely disgusting and demoralizing and hateful that people want to forget exactly what happened last year. There were millions of people that lost their right to vote. And we just went on with the same business as usual mentality. I understand that our's generation and society is only focused on what is hyper sensationalized in the news, but we really need to pay attention and not allow stupid things to distract us from what's going on. To be able to address what really happened will allow us to move forward into the future in the right direction. The problem with this Oprah 2020 Situation is that it doesn't address what needs to be done. And what needs to be done is that we need to stop electing corporate Democrats, and we need to start allowing candidates that deserve to be heard.

Now I understand what you're going to say, I am just an angry Bernie bro that's upset about the last election. Yes I am, and we deserve to have a voice. Everybody knows that Bernie Sanders would've been Donald Trump by a landslide, yet the corporate donors of the Democratic Party decided different. They decided that our voices don't matter, they decided that they would make the choice for us even though the people overwhelmingly chose Bernie. Even Al Franken decided that he was going to vote against his state's wishes. When Franken's state voted Bernie, Frankie decided that he would vote Clinton despite his state making the choice. So you see my friends, they don't want to choose the politicians that we want. They don't want to choose true justice and true liberty. So if we tickle the idea of Oprah 2020 then we don't change the system and the way it needs to be changed.

This is not a game, this is not a reality show, this is not a TV talkshow. This is real life, and the Democrats need to get their act together and right the wrongs that they have committed. The people no longer want establishment or corporate Democrats, and the problem is that these donors have too much power and influence on her system. Now, I don't know Oprah, but I do know Bernie. If we can get to know her and understand her vision and if it's in line with ours then we can give it a chance. But as of right now, it simply looks like the Democrats want to put on a show for us. They believe they can't win in 2020 because Donald Trump is too entertaining. So they feel like they need another entertainer if that would over trump the Donald. This is really pathetic, and they need to get back on board to what really matters for the people. We need our vision of progressives to move forward. We need the vision of the Sanders campaign.

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