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Bernie's running, but what do we do if the DNC rigs it again?

So Bernie is running again, but what do we do about the 2016 election fraud?  Will it happen again?

Many left leaning progressives are not hopeful about the prospects of the DNC playing nice to the progressive branch of the Democratic Party and people are proceeding with caution into the next 2020 run. It seems that most of the people that are running on the Democratic Party side are progressives with corporate ties and interests. It's very difficult to assess at this moment just how the 2020 run is going to be. Many Bernie Sanders supporters are still upset at the out right election fraud of 2016.However, one shining light for the progressive branch of the party is that Bernie Sanders raise $5.9 million in the first 24 hours of his announcing his presidential bid. Many are seeing this as an optimistic start an impossible redemption for 2016. It is currently inverse of the 2016 election where the Republican Party had 16 candidates the Democratic Party had less than 5 contenders.  This time it appears that the role have reversed and the Democrats are in a packed field and this will prove much more difficult for Senator Bernie Sanders.

Personal opinion, there is a lot of light of hope for the progressive branch millennials and the Democratic Party. We already seen since 2016 just the impact that Bernie's movement has caused. There has been many instances where people's Berns have continued to scar the neo corporate political environment that is Capitol Hill. In the current weeks to come, it is going to be a difficult field for the 2020 election run. The most inevitable showdown is going to be Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump. And many are saying that this was what 2016 was supposed to be before the DNC election fraud.

The conversation of election fraud has been brought up recently since Bernie Sanders run announcement, and that is understandable. Many people were absolutely devastated and heartbroken on the day of the DNC convention when WikiLeaks released thousands of emails from the DNC proving to election bias.  What is more startling is that the election fraud was brought to a trial and the judge deemed it legal due to the fact that an inner party election is not guaranteed to be fair. The results were not made public and or never aired on mainstream media.  But many people were taking note and paying attention via social media and other means of communication. This lawsuit created a very difficult ripple and changing affect on the Democratic Party for many progressives and independence alike. This was something unforgivable for the progressive branch. This is one of the reasons why many people moved over to other parties such as the Green party and the Jill Stein campaign.  With Tom Perez as the new DNC chairman, many people are wondering if we're going to see a repeat or will destiny play out in 2020?

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