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Trump call himself a "Very stable genius"

Yeah, you're stable. While the left self implodes and the Democrats still lose more and more by the day. I think it's safe to say that you are a genius because you were letting the political establishment destroy itself.   But this is not a post intended to boost Trump's ego. We need to analyze what the Democrats are doing, because if we don't then they will lose 2020. It's important to talk about the reason why Donald Trump is able to get away with whatever he wants.

And it's because the Republicans own all of the major positions. The Republicans will keep on winning and winning so long as the liberals do not get their act together. And we need to talk about what's really going on. Donald Trump tweets himself as a very stable genius. And I think we can all agree it's very difficult to take him seriously when he complements himself as a self reassurance mechanism. But in order to prove this genius wrong, we need to organize for 2020.

Not only do we have the Republican establishment to fight against, but we have the corporate Democrat establishment to fight against as well. If Bernie is elected in 2020, it won't mean a damn thing if he cannot control the house. And we all know that the corporate Democrats will not give Bernie an inch. If Bernie wins, then we need to be ready to elect Democrats that will help us with the progressive vision that we want. And even if Bernie wins, we need to be ready to organize an elect Democrats that will play well with the new administration. So we have a big battle to fight, the Republican far right and the Democratic party itself.

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