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Independent Marcia Squier just released an ad - it's beautiful.

Independent candidate Marcia Squier is running for US Senate in Michigan.  She just released her ad.  It's beautiful.

Marcia Squier is a progressive independent that believes in the ideals that a true progressive would.  One of the big things about her campaign is that she refuses to take money from corporate lobbies and millionaire donors.  Her contributions are exclusively from average folks that are giving to her campaign. 

Squier (I) has a history of progressive activism and in Michigan and has previously ran for congress and is now upping the ante with her eyes set on the Senate.  Growing up support from independents, liberals and Green party supporters, Squier is dedicated to running a Grassroots campaign to enact progressive policies without influence from establishment organizations.  

Incumbent Debbie Stabenow (D) has been connected to Senator Bob Menedez, who's undergoing several corruption charges, including conspiracy to commit bribery and fraud.  Senator Stabenow received $10,000 from Senator Menedez for her campaign.  Democratic constituents have been asking for Stabenow to step down from her position.  In 2008, Stabenow's ex-husband was also arrested for his involvement in a prostitution ring in Michigan, he did not get charged (corruption?).  The race for US Senate in Michigan is going to be a heated battle between an incumbent connected to corruption and criminal activity against an independent progressive that vows to bring real change to Michigan.

This is her ad below. 

Warning: This may warm your disheartened progressive soul.


You can contribute to Marcia's campaign at her crowdpac, which we've listed below.  The political revolution continues.


You can find her latest interview here.

Marcia Squier 1-13-2018 Interview



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